Dewsbury A.S.C. Club Gala Reports season 2016/17

Annual Invitation Gala
Competing for the
George Barraclough Memorial Bowl


at Halifax 12th. November 2016

The Halifax invitation gala is always a tough event for Dewsbury and Saturday night was no different. There were some very strong teams such as two teams from Skipton. This didn't phase our large team that travelled to Halifax.

Katelyn Haigh started our campaign with a very strong swim against some very good swimmers. Our next youngster on the block was Sam McLarnon. Producing the best dive he has ever done gave him a great advantage aiding him in a second place finish.

Next came a furish of seasoned swimmers Josh Thackery, Nicole Bowler, Luke Haste, Wiktoria Prusko and Club Captain Tom McGee. All putting in a great shift.

Harry Haste stood up next and unnerved put in a brilliant 50m fly. This showed president for the next swimmers including Tia Clarke, Reece Sykes, Wiktoria Prusko and his brother Luke Haste.

Two of our older members of the team were up next. Laura Bowler and Rob Haigh both putting in a very determined effort. Both finishing fourth in their 100m IMs. Great effort guys.

Our next member is the youngest and most petite, but has the determination and competitiveness of an Olympian. Elizabeth Sykes showed no sign of nerves and plunged into the water for a great 10 and under 50m Back.

Another debut swimmer stood up to help the under 10 freestyle team. Poppy Sheldrake put a great race in for her first time. Even with great efforts from Katelyn Haigh, Emily Forbes and Poppy Sheldrake all the other teams had finished before Elizabeth Sykes entered the water. Once again this did not detur Elizabeth putting in a great show. Enjoying the moment of having the pool and audience to herself.

Tia Clarke, Imogen Dixon, Ruby Newbold and Daisy McGee had a great team event in the Medley. Daisy had been select by the coach to swim the Fly section of the event, and Daisy did not disappoint putting probably the best fly she has ever done.

Miles Newbold had been recruited at the last moment to help the Sykes brother Josh and Reece and Josh Thackery in the Team event. Miles took this in his stride and put in a great performance.

Wiktoria Prusko, Kita Wren, Natasha Hunter and Beth Hines seem to be a regular team now that are getting stronger and stronger together. Their race was just as strong.

With Mackenzie being the only 14 year old male there Sam, Luke and Harry were called into the team event all give 100 percent.

Beth and Kita never left the starting area from their last event as they joined the next team including the Bowler sisters Laura and Nicole. Finishing a very respectable 4th.

Tom McGee, Rob Haigh, Nathan Haigh and Dan Hines then took to the block also finishing in 5th.

Emily Forbes led the next group of events. Harry Haste coming in 4 th in his event and Rob Haigh 2nd in the Open Backstroke. Josh Thackery, Natasha Hunter, Mackenzie Hall and Kita Wren also putting in great performances.

After gaining a serve cramp in her leg Tia Clarke put everything into the 12 and under IM. This would be last race Tia would be able to swim as the cramp returned. The determination Tia showed was impeccable and the Coaches could not of asked for any more.

Daisy and Josh Sykes both gave sterling performances in the freestyle events.

It seemed to be a night of fly for Beth Hines and as always put in a great Shift. Laura Bowler and Tom McGee followed with a well deserved 2nd for Laura and a 4th for Tom.

There were some great team events to finish with Poppy swimming with Katelyn, Emily and Elizabeth. Then climbing out of the pool with Katelyn to step up into Tia s position to help out Imogen and Daisy in the next event.

Miles joined Luke, Josh Thackery and Reece to swim the 12 and under freestyle team. Kita, Natasha, Wiktoria, Beth, Mackenzie, Luke and the Sykes brothers had great events in the girls and boys under 14 s Medley team events.

Once again Beth Hines never left the starting area as she was joined by Laura, Nicole and Natasha for the ladies open Free team. As always a great but by now tiring performance.

James, Tom, Rob, and Dan took to the stage and finished a very good 4th position. Two of the judges ended up very wet from Dan's usual entry into the water but were amazed at the reception from the audience of not only our fan club but all the spectators in the viewing gallery.

Elizabeth, Harry, Imogen, Luke, Nicole, Mackenzie, Laura and Nathan put in the last shift of the night. The Canon. Even with a great effort from every swimmer, Nathan got the pool and the audience to himself and even though he did not stop to wave to his mother in law. He put on a great show.

As a Club we were recognised for our pride and passion. We were commended on our dedication and determination. The team as been notice for it s continuous progression and success. That is all down to you as swimmers, the parents that are behind you and the Coaches that volunteer a lot of time to make sure these are enjoyable events.

Thank you to the Coaches and Amy Hines, who kept record of the events and finishes.


The Team Winnings 2016

Our 26 strong team for Halifax Gala.

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