German Exchange "TuRa Bergkamen"
13th. October. - To - 20th. October. 2018.

Your hospitality is in demand! Dear swimmers and friends, In 2017 we enjoyed a week with "TuRa Bergkamen".
So this year 2018 we have invited "TuRa" to visit Dewsbury Dolphins. So now it's our turn to offer accommodation for the return visit. The dates are from Saturday 13.October. (Approx. 22:00) - to the 20 October. 2018. This date is determined by the autumn holidays of our German friends. We expect the arrival of a group of about 26 people, 18 girls and boys aged 16 year old. With around 5 to 8 adults.
We are looking for HOST Families to put a German child up or adult.  

They do not need there own room, a put-up bed, Lillo, or a camp bed, is all that is needed in your Child's bed room. On the floor or any room is all we ask for. Depending on time table an evening snack and breakfast is all that is required. On some days a small lunch packet will be required.

Sunday is a free day, and liaison with other host families may help you to arrange a group visit. To some local attraction so the English and German children can have time to get to know each other. In the past we have used Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire Mining Museum, Royal Armouris (free), The Ponderosa Heckmondwike, Local swimming/leisure pool.

For Families with adult guests we arrange to have a meal in a local pub.

The rest of the week Monday to Friday we take them out from 08:00 on day trips. Returning times will be listed on the weekly program. We know that most people work and over the past 35+ years, we have found that any problem can be sorted. There is always someone to help with chauffeuring, the child around if this is a problem with your work starting times.

So please give it a try like many of the host families in the past, some are still putting up a German child even though their own children do not swim with the club. They just enjoy the experience. Still not convinced we can put you in touch with some of the parents who are still involved after many years.

Carol, Mel, Ron, Pat or Dan on the pool side
For the Dewsbury German Exchange.


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Thanks to all who have help with the German Visits over the past 35+ years.

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12 June 2018