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The Adventure club is now closed but thanks for looking.

Which was founded in 1962, is an independent voluntary youth club. The object of the Club is to encourage young people to develop a sense of responsibility, service and leadership. Whilst the Club is of course managed by an adult Management Committee. Older members are encouraged to take an active part, In both the leadership and the administration of the Club. Through the Executive Committee, once they have completed their basic training.
Many parents give most valued assistance and support to the Club. Through the Parents and Friends Association as do our oldest members, through the Club's Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award Holders Association.

The Dewsbury Adventure Club offers boys and Girls a wide range of activities with particular emphasis on Outdoor and Sporting activities. The Club's central programme revolves around the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and to date many members of the Club have gained the Gold Award. The Club is essentially a club for young people run by young people - much of the leadership coming from the older members. As well as the Club's many Adventure activities there Is considerable emphasis in the Club on service to others and in addition to such activities as First Aid Training, Mountain Rescue and Lifesaving, members are encouraged to help other young people interested in the Club's activities and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. The Club programme is essentially a challenge to keen and enthusiastic young people who are prepared to try to reach the high standards at which the Club aims.

This is one of the Club's foremost activities and all members are taught the basic skills of Camp craft. Using modern lightweight equipment our members have held camps and expeditions throughout Great Britain and regular trips are made into the Lake District and other National Parks. The Club's young leaders have made several expeditions and held a number of training, camps in North Wales, Scotland and the Scottish Islands and also as far a field as the Swiss Alps and Norway.

This is a most popular pursuit and many day outings and longer trips are organized for members.

The Club is most active in Canoeing and Members are encouraged to take part in the proficiency Schemes of the British Canoe Union. Canoe building and maintenance is carried out at the Club's headquarters whilst canoes are housed close to local waters. Expeditions are also arranged further a field and the Club's canoeists have competed successfully In National Championships.

Sailing is another popular activity in the Club with a training programme based on the proficiency Scheme of the Royal Yachting Association.

Many of our members receive First Aid training on certificated courses of the St.J.A.B. And our older members also receive more advanced training in Mountain Rescue, the Clubs older members and instructors constituting a recognised Mountain Rescue Team.

This is a most prominent part of the Club's programme and the Club is affiliated to the Royal Lifesaving Society. Great emphasis is given to basic and survival swimming skills for younger members and Lifesaving skills for older members.

Members are strongly encouraged to take An active part in this most worthwhile Scheme and have a fine record of achievement in this field. Through the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme members are encouraged to meet and work with many other young people taking part in the scheme.

We are sorry to report That the Dewsbury ADVENTURE Club closed all the above activities.
Late 2003 Thanks to every one who supported the club over the years


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