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October 2016 in England 

This photo was taken at Drayton Manor Park


October 2015 in Germany 

This photo was taken at the BRILLUX paint factory
Brillux Weseler Strasse 401, 48163 Muenster, Germany


October 2014 in Dewsbury 

October 2013 in Germany.

The 31th year of the Twinning.

The 15th visit by Dewsbury ASC.

October 2012 in England.

The 30th year of the Twinning.

The 16th visit by TuRa Berkamen Club.

October 2011 in Germany.

October 2010 in England.

October 2009 in Germany.

October 2008 in England.

October 2007 in Germany.

October 2006 in England.

October 2005 in Germany.

October 2004 in England.

October 2003 in Germany.


October 2002 in England.


October 2001 in Germany.

October 2000 in England.
The Mayor of Kirklees Ann Denham,
Klaus Hoffman, Mel Jackson.
With members of Dewsbury Dolphins ASC and
Tura Bergkamen swimming clubs

October 1999 in Germany.


October 1998 in England.

October 1997 in Germany.

October 1996 in England.
The Mayor Of Kirklees Allison Harrison,
Karin Forst Klaus Hoffman,
Sheila Atkinson, Carol Jackson.
With members of Dewsbury Dolphins ASC and
Tura Bergkamen swimming club

October 1995 in Germany.
Geoff Atkinson, Gerd Tiple, Mike Parkin.
With members of Tura Bergkamen
And Dewsbury Dolphins ASC.

October 1994 in England.

October 1993 in Germany.

October 1992 in England.

October 1991 in Germany.

October 1990 in England.

October 1989 in Germany.


October 1988 in England.

October 1987 in Germany.
Coaches Mr T Wilkinson, P Rushworth,
Supervisors Mrs C A Jackson and Mrs P Cage,
Mr and Mrs Hey, Mr D Sargent, Mr Ellis.
With K M Jacksom, C Cage, R Cage, R Franks,
P Bendelow, J Leveridge, S Wilson,
C Baraclough, R Frace, M France, K Ellis,
G Stead, and others.

October 1986 in England.

October 1985 in Germany.


October 1984 in England.

October 1983 in Germany.
The first visit to Germany members include
Miss K M Jackson, Miss C Cage, Miss L Bunting,
Miss C Sargent, Miss K Ellis, Mr J Leveridge,
Mr S Wilson, Mr K Squires,
Coach Mr P Rushworth, and Tommy Wilkinson

October 1982.
The first visit to England.


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