I send you my experience report for Beth. I hope you can open the document, and sorry for
my English lovely greetings from Mariana and Ralf

An Experience Report from Mariana
With this report I want to give a decision support about taking part to the Exchange to  Germany and why I think it is a great experience for children (and adults) to live one week abroad in a foreign family.   When I came to Drewsbury first in 2012  I  was very nervous. Because you have hundreds of questions if you decided to live in a foreign family and nobody could answer them. For example:
l:- Do the peope unterstand me with my  "easy English"? and the worst case:
2:- Do I understand them ? The Scottish border  wasn´t so far away and people said that the accent there is very difficult to understand.
3:- How is my host-family?
4:- How is it to share a bathroom with unknown people?
5:- Whats about my daughter? Do they´ll look well after my daughter? Is she well accomodaded there?

.... hundreds of questions   ....  and after all .... I get panic  "What in heaven´s name I am doing here?

With these questions and funny feelings in my baggage I came to Dewsbury.

After a long trip I was tired and although excited very much. We met our host-family and I say bye-bye to my daughter for one day because every family do individuel activities with there guests the next day. My host-family was a very nice older married couple. There were no problems with the communication between us (if they speak slowly).  So  my fear was gone. We had a great week in England and it was a fantastic experience for me. My daughter was feeling the same. She enjoyed her stay very much.

I can recommended a participation in an Exchange and German parents do it too. It is very popular for German kids to do this. German parents think that´s the best way to learn the language or to practice them. But it is much more.

Children have to learn to speak with foreign people.  Look about my  questions above. I think kids think the same way. It isn´t easy to ask foreign host-parents what they want,  they must be braver than at home. They get an idea from the other culture. Also English kids don´t need a foreign language, the exchange is a big challenge and the kids grew up a little bit more.

I´m shure that it is important, that the children would like to take part themselves to the Exchange but partents can encourage them a lot. The German host-family´s are very openminded and everybody is interested that the English guest  has a lot fun in Germany.

We are looking forward to  the next Exchange and hope, all nice guys from the Dewsbury Swimming Club are well.

Lovely greetins too all of you from. Mariana TuRa Bergkamen Swimming Club Germany.

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