Extracts from Face book and email from some of the Participants.

Bethany Hines age 13.

Hey Mel it's Beth, I think the Germany trip was a huge success as we all had a great experience. It brought the group together and I personally met new people that I wouldn't of Spoke to normally. The trip was also very good as we learnt lots of new things about the German culture and how things work! I enjoyed staying with the German host family as I have met new friends from a different country and stayed away from home for the first time!

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Can you add on the bottom of mine that I loved every minute of it and can't wait until we go again! Beth Hines.

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Kita Emily Wren age 13.

Hi Mel it's Kita In Germany I had a fantastic time and had a lot more fun than I had expected! While we was there we explored lots of different museums and went to places we had never seen before. As well as learning all about Germany's history we had great fun with each other and also with the German families too. Doing the Germany trip was one of the best experiences and definitely a trip I would want to do again!

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Flora Le Borgne age 17.

Hi Mel it's flora I think the Germany trip was great!! It created new friendships as well as reuniting old ones. It was great to learn the history and culture of Germany with the group as well as seeing differences in German life with our host families. I hope to think that everyone will return and keep in touch with their host families as well as new friends. This is my fourth time going and my 11th year taking part in the exchange and this has been the best year!! Thank you to everyone who made the week great for us all!!

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Thomas J McGee age 16.
Hi Mel it's Tom

I think that the german exchange trip was absolutely amazing.i loved every minute of the whole trip and experience. I enjoyed learning about german history and the paint factory as well as having a great time in Dortmund and the waterparks.not only did the trip go down as a success for the group,but it also brought us as individuals together and a lot closer to one another.i actually met people who id never seen at the club before,and spending the whole week with them meant i got to know everyone very well!! Overall,i feel the trip was brilliant.i made lots of new friends had a great time spent a week with a brilliant german host family and i would definitely visit again on the next exchange!

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