Extracts from Face book and email from some of the Participants.

The Hall Family

After being asked to have a German exchange guest to stay with us for a week we thought it might be a struggle as my wife & I both work full time. But when Carol said she was struggling to house all the guests that wanted to come over, we agreed to have a boy stay with us. With help from another family (Lisa & Jeremy) we managed to sort out dropping off & picking up duties! Our guest was a larger than life 14 year old boy called Maximillian who was a pleasure to have stay with us & got on well with our son Mackenzie & something they both had in common (an Xbox)!!!  Everyday our club had something planned for the group & Max always said he'd had a good time when returning. As well as a greeting & leaving discos & a great swimming gala between our two clubs made it a good week all round.  I hope Dewsbury ASC can keep on doing the exchange with the club in Germany in the future as everyone seemed to have a great time & hopefully all made new friends with each other this week?  We'd like to thank all the people involved in both swimming clubs for all their time & effort they put in to make things like this happen & may it continue to do so.


The Sugden Family

Can I say a big thank you to all our members and their families for a fantastic turn out at our disco last night to say fare well to our German exchange friends. It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying themselves . We had an amazing amount of food donated as well as raffle prizes. A big thank you to our German exchange committee for all their hard work.

Emily Le Borgne.


I had a great time this year hosting for the German exchange. I got to meet new people that I hope to keep in touch with and spend time with friends I made when I went to Germany the last time. I also liked hearing about germany from all the Germans who came. I am hoping to keep it touch with the German friends I made and see them again next year when I go. I have been to Germany three times already and it has got better every year with more people getting involved and I hope when we go again next year more new members will join us. Emily Le Borgne


THANK YOU Imogen The german exchange is one of the best things I have ever taken part in. In 2012 when I found out that hannah was coming to stay at first I wasn't quite sure what was happening it all seemed so confusing! After about a day or so we began to chat and I remember her teaching me some basic german words. My favourite word was Auf Wiedersehen because I love how it sounds. We got on really well and I loved having her to stay but when saturday morning came round I was so sad to see her go. When I couldn't go the following years because i was only 9 I was gutted. however in 2014 we had Hannah and Kristina. we had such a great time, Kristina and I became great friends because we have so much in common and we laugh at pretty much everything anyone said. We exchanged emails and skype addresses and we never stopped talking. Finally 2015 came and I could go to Germany and stay with Kristna and the Jungkind family. I wasn't scared because I knew everyone. I didn't miss my mum or dad because I was having such a great time!!! Whilst being on the coach I met people i had never seen before. we played 'get to know each other' games and we are all now great friends. We watched films and made lots of stops at service stations and mcdonald's. then when kristina arrived this year i was so hyper because i was so excited to see her. this year on sunday we went to london and we had the greatest time. being part of the german exchange is one of the best things i have ever done and i love being part of it. i would recommend going to anybody because it is a fabulous experience that everyone should be part of. Imogen Dixon

From DASC facebook page

Would just like to say a massive thank you to all the people who made this week a success! During his week new friendships have been made and a lot of fun has been had! I hope next year is just as successful. However none of this would have happened without the help from the host families and organisers so once again THANK YOU! Also a big well done to the swimmers who took part in the gala and helped us win the trophy back! We are pleased to announce that after four years, we finally won the Exchange Cup on Thursday night. Our swimmers dug deep and put everything into every swim. Only 1 point splitting the difference between the two teams. The cup will now stay here with us until our team travel to Bergkamen Germany next year.  We as a club are extremely proud of the achievements and hard work of the team.
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