Dewsbury A.S.C. Club Gala Reports GALA 6 Huddersfield 18 June 2017

From 3 days of chaos to an afternoon of success.

We pride ourselves on respect and determination, and that was definitely shown amongst the swimmers that entered the final Kirklees and District gala of the season.

With a small team, we had swimmers stepping up to take on some real challenging events. Every swimmer should be very proud of themselves today.

Our little ladies where up first and for some this was their first ever gala. Elizabeth Sykes, Cerys Idle, Marina McLornan and Emily Forbes showed no fear and swam a great race.

There were some new faces in the next event but as dolphins every one of them showed strength and courage. Liberty Trotter, Charlotte Haste, Sophie Crossley and Ellie haste also putting in an excellent performance.

Sam Mclornan, Harry Haste, James Hird, and Ben Stevens started off the boy’s events. With James putting in an impressive swim only then to be shadowed by an awesome swim by Ben Stevens. A great team is building with these four. The team to watch in the near future.

Charlotte was up again with Tia Clarke, Wiktoria Prusko and another new face Jemma Asquith. All taking in the atmosphere and experience of the event.

Event 8 was challenged by The Sykes Twins Josh and Reece, Luke Haste and Mackenzie Hall. A great swim by all, with Mackenzie showing more and more determination and strength.

The next three events were filled with an A and B squads. This is a rare sight in the club’s recent history, especially with our low numbers. Event 7 was attacked by Imogen Dixon, Tia Clark, Katelyn Haigh, Jemma Asquith, Wiktoria Prusko, Natasha Hunter, Beth Hines and Nicole Bowler. Two very strong teams showing a great bond amongst them and doing the work in the pool. Well done ladies.

Event 9 was a big ask for some of our swimmers, by now some of them were into their second and third races and the open age is a very competitive and strong race. Once again the ladies stood up to the challenge. Katelyn Haigh, Jemma Asquith, Wiktoria Prusko, Natasha Hunter, Beth Hines, the Bowler sisters Nicole and Laura and a guest appearance from Karen Haigh. Karen put a tremendous swim in showing the younger swimmers that not only can she teach it she can do it.

Event 10 (Father’s day special) Two teams entered again made up of four Fathers and four open aged swimmers. James Meehan, Rob Haigh, Sam McLornan, Mackenzie Hall showed the dads what they could do. Jez Sykes, Tom Idle, Matthew Haste and Dan Hines showed that they could compete just as well and showed no intimidation (well maybe a little bit).

Events 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 were swam by the same teams, showing determination and grit. Unfortunately, tiredness was also creeping in, but the swimmers carried on even when they had to swim a length on their own. On a good note you always have the spectators to yourself.

Event 19 was led out by Karen Haigh putting in another great performance followed by Beth Hines, Laura and Nicole Bowler.

Event 20 Open Freestyle. Once again Dewsbury had an A and B Squad by now renamed to Cool Running’s. Another successful swim for Matthew Haste showing that his training with Tom Idle was paying off. Harry Haste and Jez Sykes also putting everything into their race showing that they were all worth to be in the final. Rob Haigh, Mackenzie Hall and James Meehan put in some very good swims taking the pressure off Dan Hines.

The final event THE CANNON. All the way up to 12:45 it looked like the cannon was doomed as we had not entered any under 10 boy’s races (due to numbers). The only under 10 swimmer, that was down on the team had to pull out and did not attend. Then stepped up Henry Haigh, already in his swim wear he said he would take part. Henry saved the team from bowing out and put a cracking performance in. A true dolphin.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the swimmers for stepping up and doing yourselves, your parents and the club proud of you.
An even bigger thank you to James who had to sit down for hours and hour revising the team sheets with the aid of Bethany Hines.
The coaches and Team Managers on poolside and Amy Hines who recorded all the final positions of the races. Not forgetting our supporters that all ways raise the roof with their cheering.

The Team Winnings 2016

The top team 2017 Huddersfield Swimming Championship,
Masters and Age Group GALA 6

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