Dewsbury Old Baths.

  Inside the old baths on Westgate.

Inside the old baths on Westgate. This was DASC (Dewsbury Bath) from 1896 to 1974. On the left and right are the changing cubicles, also on the balcony above.

At the far end are 7 diving boards the top board is at 6 feet (2M), also the steps to the balcony.

This was pool one, the second pool did not have a balcony or diving boards each pool measured 75ft by 25ft and 6ft 6ins at deep end.

Other facilities were 18 slipper baths, therapeutic baths and Turkish baths.

If you have any other photos of the baths can we have copies ?

Dewsbury Dolphins AS Club
The Dewsbury Sports Centre,
West Yorkshire, UK. WF12 8EN.

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