Friday 30th September 1994.

At 11:45pm on Friday September 30th our German Guests arrived in Dewsbury.
Saturday 1st. October

Saturday - was Left as a free day to allow 40 weary travellers, plus the Coach Driver.The opportunity to recover from the long journey. The adult members of the party were treated to a pub lunch at Ingbirchwrorth, but the anticipated panoramic view of Kirklees was ruined be low cloud and drizzle! In the evening a welcoming disco was held at the Gladstone Liberal Club, which was Attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Kirklees.

Sunday 2nd.

On Sunday, a second coach was hired for Dewsbury Swimmers and families and, our guests were taken to Scarborough for the afternoon, regrettably the weather was rather miserable. In the evening the Dewsbury and Bergkamen swimmers took part in a gala. This was organised by the Bridlington Swimming club. The Gala was enjoyable but the whole day was ruined by the theft of cash, passports and personal goods from the locker room.

Monday 3rd.

On Monday - morning, despite some obvious lingering distress from the previous evenings events. Our guests were taken to Huddersfield where the younger members of the party had a very enjoyable morning at the Sports Centre. Particularly on the climbing wall. Older members of the group explored the Town Centre, in the afternoon the party visited the Leyland Paint Factory at Birstall.

Tuesday 4th.

On Tuesday - there was an early departure from Dewsbury for a full day visit to the Butlins Fun Coast world at Skegness. In the evening there was a friendly water polo Match at Dewsbury Sports Centre.

Wednesday 5th.

On Wednesday - A mini -bus was hired on to enable some of the host families to accompany our guests on a visit to Cadburys World in Birmingham. The free bars of chocolate were Gratefully accepted by all and the Factory shop did quite a good trade too! Journey home was broken at Sheffield for a visit to Meadowhall.

Thursday 6th.

On Thursday - saw a change of program, as four of the Germans and myself, made a visit to the German Consulate in Manchester to obtain replacement passports. For the remainder of the group, a visit to Wakefield Super bowl, felt that another factory visit to The Tetley Wharf Centre was hardly fair to the younger members of the party. A bus was hired on this day to a1low the German Coach Driver to take his obligatory Break from driving. After a, very enjoyable morning of bowling and Laser Quest the party was taken to Bradford for a visit to the IMAX Cinema. In the evening hosts And visitors assembled at Dewsbury Sports Centre for the Swimming Competition Between the two Clubs, on the occasion the "Exchange Trophy" was won by Dewsbury.

Friday 7th.

On Friday - a day in Hull, with an evening visit to Hu1l Fair.

Saturday 8th.

On Saturday - a day in York, always a favourite destination for the visitors. Then Saturday evening the farewell disco, again at the Gladstone Liberal Club, tokens of friendship exchanged, Twixt the clubs; good wishes expressed for a safe journey home By Councillor Jack Brook, Chairman of the Dewsbury Sports Council, Commemorative medals presented to all the visitors by Mr. Andrew Smith, assistant Manager of Dewsbury Sports Centre.
Sunday 9th.

On Sunday - 4:00am! Assemble at Dewsbury Sports Centre for departure at 04:30! What a way to start a day. Dewsbury Swimmers look forward to visiting Bergkamen in October 1995.

Ron Stead- Hon. Sec. Dewsbury/TuRa Bergkamen Exchange.

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