Article Bergkamen – Dewsbury October 2010
This report was sent to me by a German paper reporter.
its the visit report in the local German Paper after the visit.

„Wasserfreunde“ feel as fit as a fiddle onshore in Dewsbury.

30 swimmers of TuRa visit there English partner-club
Bergkamen: Actually it is the meeting of two swimming clubs. But when the “Wasserfreunde TuRa Bergkamen” visit the “Dewsbury Dolphins” in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, the fun comes first.

Most of all it is a cheerful and cordial reunion of friends who partially visit each other since the 80s.

After the “Dolphins” visited Bergkamen last year 20 children and teenagers and nine adults went to England this year. There a diverse program, arranged by their hosts, waited for them. The tour through a large electric power station near the town of Drax was likewise part of it as a visit of the evening fair in Kingston upon Hull (short: Hull). The “Wasserfreunde” visiting “Drayton Manor”, too – a combination of fun park and zoo. They also visited the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. And of course there was no lack of sport during the visit in Kirklees, the partner district of the “Kreis Unna”. Traditionally the swimmers compete during a club-gala to find out who has the better team.
At least as traditionally as that are the welcoming and farewell discos during which “visiting-novices” might rub their eyes in disbelief: At the end of each disco nearly everyone runs onto the dance floor and the disc jokey has no chance – he has to play “You’ll never walk alone”. By now, the song calls forth lots of nice memories on both sides, the English and the German.

And probably the visitors and their hosts will hold hands and sing along loudly tonight, too. Because the time in England draws to a close. Tomorrow morning they have to say goodbye. At about fife o’clock in the morning local time the German coach starts its journey back to Bergkamen.

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The “Wasserfreunde TuRa Bergkamen” visit there friends and acquaintances in England at the moment. The partnership between the Bergkamen swimmers and the “Dewsbury Dolphins” from Kirklees exists since years now.
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