The History of Geoffrey and Sheila Atkinson and the Dewsbury Dolphins swimming club German Exchange 1982.

It was our deepest regret to announce that Geoffrey passed away peacefully on the 24th. November 2018.
Just 18 month after Sheila passed away peacefully on 31st. May, 2017.
Sheila and Husband Geoffrey were a large part of the Dewsbury ASC community from the 1970's
Sheila and Geoffrey gave many hours volunteering to the club and its members.
In the late 90's Geoffrey retired from helping due to health reasons. But Sheila wished to
carry on so with the help of Carol & Mel Jackson then later Pat, Karen B and Elain I
joined the team so the German exchange is still going today 1st. December 2018.
Below are two clips from the first letter to Geoffery regarding the exchange, note (Prepared to foot the bill )



Sheila was an amazing strong lady with a large heart. She will be truly missed.
Both in Dewsbury and Bergkamen Germany.

1990 1993 1994; 1996

Trophy  Trophy

So on Thursday 5th Oct the Club were pleased to see Alisha.
Alisha came down to the club to present the trophy bought by Geoffrey Atkinson
and in honor of her Great Grandmother Sheila Atkinson.
RIP Sheila from all the member past and precent from the Dewsbury Swimming club.

Carol and Mel would like to say a big thanks to Geoffrey and Sheila for the help in the past,
also to all the people who give their own time free (no one in the club are paid in any way)
so without this free help the club would close. So if you have a small
amount of spare time please give some time to help. Pool side fund raising any thing.

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